Studio A6

Yesterday was our move-in day to studio A6. Bob is making us some DIY tables from some rescued boards (pictured). I’m considering removing all the chips from the woodchip wallpaper. Or as wikipedia prefers, ingrain wallpaper; invented by German pharmacist Hugo Erfurt in 1864 and marketed by the company his grandfather founded, first used as a decoration for shop windows,but began seeing use as a wallpaper from the 1920s on as well.

Our studio overlooks Westgate, which is known locally as the Westgate Run on a weekend. The studios are above a nightclub and apparently you can hear and feel the output on a Friday / Saturday night 2, stories up. I am intrigued. I might do a studio weekend evening with some sound recording equipment experiments.

After studio, we went for a pint in The Hop which is our nearest real ale pub and turned out to be halfway through their Tuesday night quiz. We’re now keen to make studio plus pub quiz a regular Tuesday event (team members welcome). There seems to be already a super team who won and probably win every time but the mix of music, science and sci-fi is actually mostly in our range of knowledge and Bob knows some sport too. There is a gallon of ale to be won every Tuesday. And free sandwiches.

There’s now less than a week to go of open submissions to Temporary Art Show 3. 5 days in fact. I feel there’s already a strong show emerging from the longlist and wonder what the last final days will bring. We also have another show to plan as well which I’m very excited about and hopefully we can publish details soon!

We also received an email from an art magazine offering 50% off for a listing in their lovely periodical. £295 may be some people’s idea of good value for a listing seen by 10k but that’s precisely £295 over our budget. Equivalent to 50k flyers. We’ll get 1000 Project Space flyers done instead at a cost of about £20 each and hand distribute them to places we visit. So apologies in advance if I’m the one at a preview waving some cheap looking flyer about, telling you how exciting the project is and that you should really get involved. They will be cheap.


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