The Prince Albert 29/04/11

April 29th, 2011…. from 6.30pm (free parking from 6pm, not that we advocate drinking and driving at all) there will be a gathering of like minds, and unlike views upon the future of our nation; sod the Royal Wedding. If you need a refuge from the endless prattle about the so-called love story of two people; he, (eventual) heir to the throne, she, lowly commoner who ought to know better and learn from the past etc then come along to the Prince Albert, Westgate Studio, Wakefield.We have beer, lively chatter, drawing, and a free pie ‘n’ pea supper, all in the pleasant surroundings of the art project-cum- public house-cum-epicentre of the revolution (off with their heads) that is the Prince Albert.Entry via the buzzer.

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