Sparrow+Castice Do Wakefield 13/06/11-17/06/11

In the middle of June, Sparrow+Castice take residence at Westgate Studios Project Space, facilitated by Alice & Bob.

Sparrow+Castice is the collaborative practice of Peter and Astrid respectively. We make reflexive and pensive works about art, its relationship with the rest of the world and our existence as artists. Somehow, we manage to make it far less boring than that sounds. We’ve never been big fans of statement writing, and we’re certainly not clever. With that committed to this passage (through a dodgy laptop keyboard and a broken backspace) there is but one more thing for us to mention. We quite like jokes. ‘Sparrow+Castice do Wakefield’ is a residency exploring the process of doing a residency. And as near to a holiday as we’ll likely ever get. Visitors, contributors, advice, tour-guiding, money, food, praise, critique, insults and threats all welcomed graciously. Add us on Twitter @SparrowCastice to get in touch/find out more/track our progress/boost our ego.


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