Winter Wonderland

Wednesday 30th November 2011 (Wakefield Artwalk)

In response to an open call for festive “trimmings” of any shape, size and material, artists sent work from across the UK as well as Germany, Brazil and the US for WINTER WONDERLAND in studio A6 at Westgate Studios, Wakefield.

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Dee Anderson, Katie Barnes, Batley School of Art & Design, Jade Blood, Alice Bradshaw, Kiki Bragard, Mr Burnley, Alison Carthy, Ann-Marie Fiddy, Sarah Filmer, Annici Gorma, Garth Gratix, Vanessa Haley, Rebecca Handy, Chris Hurford, Luciana Servilo de Lima, Vicky Lockwood, Claire McAteer, Bob Milner, Susan Mortimer, Kate Murdoch, Jasna Nikolic, Susanne Patzke, Deborah Pullan, Corrina Spencer, Sara Spizzichio & Matthes “Lazy65” Straetmnas.

Curated by Alice Bradshaw & Bob Milner.


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