Alice and Bob have previously collaborated on a number of projects since meeting in 2007. Temporary Art Show popped up in Huddersfield in 2008 at Bates Mill where Alice was resident at the time, as a result of a pub conversation in the Head of Steam between Alice, Bob and Huddersfield based artists Tom Senior, Georgia Boniface and Kevin Boniface.


Receiving a good reception of 200+ visitors over one weekend, the five artists sought further collaborative DIY exhibition projects. In 2009, a former Director for Calderdale Council, now Chief Executive of York City Council, Kersten England gave them that opportunity in the form of an empty unit in the Piece Hall, Halifax. Temporary Art Space ran for six months as a pilot project and featured six major group shows and a series of “Changeover” shows in between.

In 2010, Richard Bates, co-owner of Bates Mill in Huddersfield, invited Alice and Bob to take part in an embryonic multi platform festival in Huddersfield. The result of a curatorial collaboration between Bates Mill, Alice & Bob, Vanessa Haley, Elise Rohde, Fresh Kids and The Parish Pub was Warehouse Weekend; two nights and one day of art installation, live art, film, theatre, live music, beatboxing and two specially brewed beers served from a purpose built colour-changing bar.


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