Elland Best Bitter & Artist in Residence Susan Mortimer

Met with Bob today for a catch up in the Barge & Barrel in Elland, sampling Elland Best Bitter 4.0% ABV and Rooster Whisky Stout 4.7% ABV. Very tasty on both accounts. Jon Wakeman @eaststreetarts reminded me via twitter that artist Gordon McKiernan is head brewer at Elland Brewery http://bit.ly/entcEI Bar staff informed me that Elland Best was cloudy but not compromising on flavour. Rooster’s Whisky Stout was how you’d imagine – stouty with significant peaty overtones – but somehow still surprising. Elland Best very smooth and nicely tangy.

Proposals are coming in well for Temporary Art Show 3. Today I compiled the longlist from submissions so far from all over including Belgium, Germany, Italy, US, Slovakia and Canada, and across the UK. Some very exciting proposals, and still 2 weeks left of open call! Really excited about the potential. Also warned Bob that I’m literally getting off the train from London show and coming straight to Temporary Art Show just in time for 5pm opening on 30th March, so we’ve planned curation, install and bar stocking in advance of Londoning. All a bit freakishly über-organised. Which is good, as there’s bound to be something unexpected round the corner.

Had a lovely email from a former Temporary Art Space volunteer offering up some time towards the project. Looking forward to working with her more. Anyone wanting to get involved in projects on any level send us an email aliceandbobcurate@yahoo.co.uk

Bob & I made some vague plans for future shows and decided to also focus on some residencies in the intervals (details to follow). First residency we’re facilitating is by Susan Mortimer, who is a-n blogging: http://www.a-n.co.uk/artists_talking/projects/single/1089702 We’re looking forward to her next visit next week.

Our studio move in date in 1st March. Although a busy month already, I’m looking forward to having an expanse of space to play with straight away. I have a studio at home in my tiny box room which is convenient and cheap but pretty small, so really looking forward to working on some larger scale ideas.



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