FAFF 2011 Programme Announced!

Fundada Artists’ Film Festival 2011

Wednesday 27th July, 5-9pm
Westgate Studios, Wakefield
Screenings: 5-7pm and 7-9pm

Sparrow+Castice (UK) – Sparrow & Castice Do Wakefield (2011) World Première!
Simona da Pozza (IT) – Exclave (2010)
Marius Leneweit & Rocío Rodríguez (DE) …niland 2 (…no land 2) (2011)
Patrick Moser (US) – Patty Goes (2011) World Première!
Fin McMorran (UK) – Women and Sheds (2010-11)
Chiara Malta (IT) – D’attends une Femme (Waiting For A Woman) (2010)
Jennifer Ross (UK) – Caught in Mise en Scene (2010)
Alice Bradshaw (UK) – Rubbish (2011)
Rémi Mazet (FR) – Siggil (2010)
Marzia Moretti (IT) – Azione Sovversiva Minima 6 (Minimal Subversive Action 6) (2010) UK Première!
Paul B Johnson (UK) – TV of Tomorrow…Today (2011)
Gerard Freixes Ribera (ES) – The Homogenics (2010)
Andrew Branscombe (UK) – Retrograde (2011)
Rudolf Costin (RO) – O Dada (2010)
Fin McMorran (UK) – Paper (2009)
Katriona Skinner (UK) – I Will Brush Them Again if You Want (2010)
Anna Francis (UK) – Emoticon (2011)



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